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June 2014

My View from the Tractor Seat

June 2014

President- Randy Graf

Vice-President- Paul Mantey

Treasurer- Linda Debrabander

Secretary – Gary Robers

            Just to keep everyone up to date, we’re featuring 100 Years of Allis Chalmers Agriculture for 2014. We are raffling off a restored 1948 Allis Chalmers “G” with a belly mower.

This is also the 23rd year for our club.


Some updates. The Club Picnic and Tractor Ride has been moved to July 13th, which is a Sunday. Just too many things happening this summer to schedule around, The CaseIH Picnic is the day before on the 12th.

The map for the tractor ride is in this Newsletter, since the Family Restaurant is closed, we will be meeting at the Old Settlers Bowling Alley for breakfast starting at 7:00. We would like to be on the road by 8:30. We shortened the route a little this year to allow getting to Mike and Linda’s a little earlier to be able to relax and socialize before lunch. We’re planning on serving at 12:00 if everything goes right. Cost will still be $20.00 for breakfast and a hat.

Parking for trucks and trailers will be at the Fairgrounds as usual. More details on the breakfast will be announced at June or July’s General Meeting.

Our break will be at Eagle Lake Park, bathrooms are available. We could use some help with blocking traffic as necessary, if anyone is interested, contact me.

As far as the Picnic goes, beer, soda, and the meat will be provided, please bring a dish to pass. We could also use door prizes for after the meal. Thanks again to Mike and Linda Debrabander for hosting us.

Union Grove Chamber of Commerce would like us to sign up for the 4th of July Parade. I will have a sign up list at the June General Meeting, that way I can sign everyone up at one time and the Club can be together. If you can’t make the meeting, contact me with your name and what you will be driving that day.

Due to some issues with the Christmas Party costs going up, the BOD has decided to go along with the Christmas Party Committee’s recommendation to have a Party in January at St.Robert’s Church Hall. Some details are still being worked out. Those details will be explained at a Membership Meeting and the Newsletter as the year goes on.

The Plow Day location has been changed due to the winter wheat kill at Racine Grain. The announcement of the new location will be done as soon as we know where we are going.

I want to thank everyone that helped on May 10th with the Club clean-up at the Fairgrounds. We did not have to move everything out of the Horse Barn as we originally thought; the Raffle Tractor Trailer was cleaned out and stocked for selling Raffle Tickets. We straightened up the Office trailer and figured out what we’ll do for repairs. All the tires on the equipment were aired up and checked. The Club Farmall “C” started right up after sitting in a cold barn all winter. Thanks to Fred Rosenbaum for putting some seat time on the “C” to get some fresh gas running through it.

And thanks to Dana for the coffee and donuts.


Please make sure if anyone gives out the Club address to use the PO Box number.

As a reminder the address is:

Southeast Wisconsin Antique Power and Collectibles Society (or Fall Harvest Days)

PO Box 134

Union Grove, WI 53182


Fred Schwartz has asked us to try and locate some Member’s current addresses. They are listed below. If anyone know these people and have their current addresses let me know.

1)      Wayne and Marie Everts

2)      Bonnie Gray

3)      Judy Altman

4)      AJ Hoppe

5)      Janice Kaser

6)      Dan Molgaard

7)       Michael Moser

If anyone that receives this Newsletter is not interested in receiving it or being a Member of the Club anymore please call me or send me an email. We have 430+ Members on the Roster.

We can use help selling Raffle Tickets at this summer’s Shows and Fairs. Please help the Club with this and at our Show.

NOTE: my cell phone has changed; the new number is 262-939-5660. I no longer use my work phone as my personal due to some issues with my former employer. My email and home phone are the same.

I would like to put a calendar in every Newsletter, events for the year. I don’t know of all of them, but if anyone knows of any, let myself or one of the Officer’s know so we can get it on the list. Here’s what I have so far.

June                             6/1                   Union Grove Lion’s Club Chicken Barbeque/Car Show at RCFG

6/4                   General Membership Meeting at Legion Hall 7:30

6/19                 BOD at RCOB 7:00

6/26-28            RPRU in Huron, South Dakota

6/28                 Tractor Ride/Club Picnic, Picnic at the Debrabander’s (Note date change)

July                              7/4                   Union Grove, Raymond and Somers Parades

7/2                   General Membership Meeting at Legion Hall 7:30

7/17                 BOD at RCOB 7:00

7/12                 Case Picnic at Old Settler’s

7/13                 Club Tractor Ride and Picnic

7/23-27            Racine County Fair

August                         8/6                   General Membership Meeting at Legion Hall 7:30

8/21                 BOD at RCFG 7:00

8/13-17            Kenosha County Fair

8/16?               4H Tractor Program State Contest

8/15-17            Baraboo Show featuring Rumely Products and Hot Air Engines

8/23-24            Sussex Show featuring Case and Upright Engines and Pumps

8/27-9/1???      Walworth County Fair (not sure if these dates are correct)

8/27-9/1           Edgerton Show featuring IH and Chapter 4 Farmall Frolic

September                    9/3                   General Membership Meeting at Legion Hall 7:30

9/6                   Plow days (Location TBD)

9/6                   Caledonia Historical Days

9/12-14            Fall Harvest Days- 100 Years of Allis Chalmers Agriculture

9/11                 BOD at RCFG 7:00

9/20-21            Lake County Show in Wauconda

9/20?               Richfield Historical Society

October                        10/2                 General Membership Meeting at Legion Hall 7:30

10/11-12          Oak Creek Show featuring John Deere

10/16               BOD at RCOB 7:00

November                    11/5                 General Membership Meeting at Legion Hall 7:30

11/20               BOD at RCOB 7:00

December                    12/3                 NO Membership meeting

12/18               BOD at RCOB 7:00

January, 2015              1/7/2015          General Membership Meeting/Election at Legion Hall 7:30

1/17/2015        Holiday Party at St. Robert’s Church in Union Grove, details to follow.


As you can see there are some question marks, I will correct the dates and info as soon as I find out what they are. If anyone has any info, shoot me an email or let me know at a Club Meeting.

You will notice I added (2) new local Historical Society Days (Caledonia and Richfield) on the calendar. Please patronize and promote them. We are trying to establish a relationship. Caledonia has asked us to bring our Sawmill for demonstration purposes,

Any questions or concerns, my Home phone is 262-878-0486 or my cell is 262-939-5660, email is bigrford@wi.net.


Have a Great Summer in 2014!

Thanks, Randy